Gwyneth’s Skin without the GOOP. Part III – My Routine.

If you were previously unaware, GOOP founder, and all round beauty guru, Gwyneth Paltrow recently came out with her own GOOP beauty line. As a huge Gwyny fan myself, I of course was intrigued by this news and immediately looked into her GOOPy lotions &

amp; potions. However, I quickly came to the realization that the Paltrow life isn’t for me, as most of her products are above the $100 range…and I still feel uncomfortable purchasing anything over $20… #college.
That being said, upon researching her formulas, I happily realized Gwyneth’s approach to skin care isn’t all too different from my own. Overall, both of us favor ingredients like aloe vera, fruit extracts, natural astringents like lemon, and pure plant oils over the all too commonly used synthetic ingredients (many of which are natural carcinogens & hormone disruptors) found in most name brand products. So…I guess you could say I’m basically living the “recently graduated college” Paltrow life…and honestly, it works! Like really well actually. My skin is happy & healthy, and so am I.
In this final post of my three part series on natural skin care and beauty products, I’m sharing a peek into my own personal routine, a routine which costs me just about $20 a month to follow!

My Daily Routine.

  • Within about 5 minutes of rolling out of my big comfy bed, I splash my sleepy face with cold water. Then, using warm water and 1 pump of Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Cleansing Foam (for sensitive skin), I massage my cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose, gently, for about 1 minute. After rinsing, I pat my face dry with a clean towel and do a few exfoliating dry brushes to the surface of my skin to remove any dead skin.
    I became hooked on Andalou products after stumbling upon them (on sale) one day at my local health food market. Using the science of stem cell research, Andalou incorporates plant stem cells (from fruits like apples & grapes) to promote cellular regeneration (decreased aging) in the skin.
    From Andalou’s Website: 

Unlike their plant counterparts, skin stem cells age and deteriorate over time and become damaged and unproductive under stressful influences. Through nature’s brilliance and the most innovative, sustainable and natural technology available, Fruit Stem Cell Science® captures the magic and the resilient power of the oldest and largest living organisms on earth: P L A N T S. ​

  • After cleansing, I evenly apply a bit of toner across my T zone using an organic cotton pad. For a while I used Andalou Naturals Aloe & Willow Bark Pore Minimizer (because my pores are extra large & in charge) and I LOVED it. But in an effort to cut down on costs (it’s only $12.95..but still..) I switched to diluted Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. A bottle of this could last you YEARS, if only used for toner, and it’s only a few dollars at the store. It truly works wonders if you have acne prone skin, but beware, it smells strong, and while the smell will disappear once dried, as soon as you break a sweat, you’ll smell it again… #nature.
    Check out my post on hair care to see what else I do with ACV. 
    PS. another great option is 100% pure witch hazel! I know plenty of folks who SWEAR by the stuff, it just didn’t do the trick for my skin. Overall, if you’re interested in trying it out, I highly recommend Thayer’s brand in Rose, also available on Thrive Market (for $6.95!)

Apple Cider Vinegar has been highly regarded throughout history. In 400 B.C. the great Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, used it for its amazing health qualities.

  • Once my toner is set & dry, I add the tiniest drop of oil to my hands and using my fingertips, work it into my skin evenly. If you’re confused as to why I’d EVER put oil on my face, check out Part II of this series. As mentioned in Part II, when looking for a pure plant oil to use on the skin, you want to choose one that is as molecularly similar to sebum (your skin’s natural oil) as possible.
    My recommendations are jojoba, argan, and hemp. After testing a few of these oils on my own skin, my favorites are Bo’s Own Cosmetic Oil by High on Health (using 100% pure hempseed oil, lavender, rosemary, detoxifying MSM, and vitamin C), and Icelandic Moisture SPF 30 by Skyn Iceland (using natural sun protectant zinc oxide, organic shea butter, organic rose hip oil, organic jojoba oil, organic green tea extract, organic grape seed juice, organic buriti fruit oil, and arctic cloudberry & cranberry seed oils).
    Check out the link below if you’re interested in trying some oily goodness (at a discount) on your skin this spring!
  • Because I have the pleasure of working from home, many a day my beauty routine ends here (until bedtime…which I’ll break down in a minute). However, if I’m meeting with clients…in person, have a group meeting to lead, or a community event to attend, I continue with some light makeup application. When I’m applying makeup, my goals are to: 1) reduce shine, 2) even out my fair complexion, 3) highlight my eyes. I realize everyone’s goals are different, so again, what works for me may not work for you.
    That being said, here’s a breakdown of my beauty routine:
  • Using a large, natural bristled kabuki brush, I sweep a sprinkle of mineral foundation powder across my t-zone and use small circular motions to blend. Right now I’m using Mineral Hygienics brand from Thrive Market, because it’s $14.95, delivered to my door, and super clean. …and when I say clean, I mean no synthetic chemicals, hormone disrupters, or carcinogens – for more info on the nasties hiding in most cosmetics, check out Part I of this series.
  • Once my foundation is set, I add the tiniest but of mineral blush to the apples of my cheeks and sweep it up toward my temple. I personally like my makeup to be subtle, so I use a “barely there” pinky-brown tinted blush by Mineral Fusions. I picked up my current box on sale for around $15 at Whole Foods, and it’s probably going to last me my whole life (aka, I’ll probably have to throw it away before I even use half of it #sadness).
  • To finish things off, I gently curl my lashes at the roots (I have that weird genetic double-lash thing, and one row of my lashes actually points directly down toward my eyeballs…#ouch) and then coat them with a bit of natural, CLEAN mascara by NoMiss (from Thrive Market for $7!).
    Check out the ingredients below! Best I’ve found YET! 

Purified water, plant cellulose, vegetable wax, safflower oil, lecithin, coconut emulsifier, aloe vera extract, cucumber extract, green tea extract, euphrasia extract, vitamin E, keratin, bilberry, cranberry extract, bergamot oil, thyme oil, grapefruit seed oil, plantservative.

  • While I’m not a huge fan of lipsticks myself (although I LOVE them on other gals), I always, always, ALWAYS have a natural chapstick around… In my car, in each of my purses, in my backpack…my wallet…inside the pencil cup on my desk…in the top drawer of my bedside table…the bottom shelf of my spice cabinet…the corner of my bathroom shelf…heck, there’s probably a tube in between my couch cushions! Keeping my lips moisturized is a must, and while I don’t have a specific brand that I use, I’m SUPER picky when making a new chapstick purchase.
    My advice? Head to your local farmers market & see what you can find. A lot of folks are making homemade chapsticks that are AMAZING & will change your lips forever.
  • OK. So once the day is done & I’m ready to enjoy my 8 hours of beauty sleep, I repeat step 1 (cleansing) and step 3 (moisturizing), but skip the toning (unless I got super sweaty or dirty…in which case, I need all the clean). I’ll also add a dab of diluted tea tree oil (I buy from doTerra) to any pre-existing or new blemishes. This stuff is a miracle worker. Seriously, it will zap away whatever may be sprouting up on your beautiful face, overnight, and it’s 100% natural! (it’s also great for soothing bug bites & preventing lice…if that’s something you’re worried about, add a few drops to your shampoo).

​My Not-So-Daily Routine: 

Like many of you, I have my “daily routine” and my “not-so-daily routine.” Unlike my simple, subtle daily routine, my not-so-daily routine is a bit more complex…and dramatic. Like walking around my house with dried dirt on my face dramaticBelow are a few of my less routined skin & beauty faves.
  • Fancy Make Up.
    So if I’m really feeling it, I’ll dab on some dewy liquid foundation and perhaps even a bit of concealer. Oh, and sometimes…when I’m really feeling wild…I’ll add a swipe of (muted) color to my lips and a sweep of liquid liner to my eyes. Boom. Instant babe status. 😉
    Overall, The absolute only fancy makeup products I’ll rub into my face are 100% Pure (that’s the brand name – holllllaaaaa!). Using FRUIT to dye their makeups, 100% Pure is committed to offering only the cleanest, purest, organic, and cruelty-free products on the market….and they really WORK! Prepare to fall in love my friends (PS. enjoy free shipping & a money back guarantee; use the link below for 20% off!).
  • Face Masques.
    ​Every once in a while (especially post-flu/cold recovery when my nose is inflamed &…well, kinda nasty) I’ll use a clay masque on my skin. However, rather than purchasing expensive products with lots of nasty additives like preservatives, colorings, or fragrances, I stick to a tsp of pure bentonite clay, mixed with a little water and a pinch or two of sea salt. Once the consistency is nice & pasty, I spread this thinly over my face (avoiding my eye area) and let dry. After about 10 minutes I rinse the masque off and enjoy THE SOFTEST, CLEANEST SKIN EVER. No joke. Try it.
  • Threading.
    About once every other month, I have my eyebrows threaded. Threading is just a really cool way to remove teeny tiny hairs from your body without waxing or plucking. I used to wax my brows, but it always left my sensitive skin inflamed and irritated…so I started threading and never looked back! Seriously, if you’re a fan of strong brows, try it. 
  • Sunscreen.​
    If you want the best basketball shoes around, ask an NBA player; the best camera? Ask a photographer; the best laundry detergent? Ask mom; AND IF YOU WANT THE BEST SUNSCREEN AROUND? Ask a ginger. (oh hey!)
    Burn baby burn…the chorus of my skin. This morning I was packing my bags for Nashville when I realized the weather is predicted to be 90 degrees and sunny… So I ran to my local health food market and pickup up my favorite nontoxic sunscreen by Kiss My Face.  Beyond being a SAFE sunscreen (check out Part II of this series for more on that), it also smells like oranges, is waterproof, and most importantly, ocean-friendly! Oh, and it works!

Cost Breakdown of my Routine: 

  • Daily Routine:
    • Cleanser: $3-5 per month
    • Toner: pennies a month
    • Moisturizer: $2 a month
    • Tea Tree Oil: $1 or less a month
    • Mascara: $2 a month
    • Lash Curler: pennies a month
    • Foundation Powder: $5 per month
    • Blush: $1 per month
    • Chapstick: $1 per month (highly variable)
      TOTAL: about $17
  • Not-So-Daily Routine Extras: 
    • Fancy Makeup: $50 a year
    • Clay: $10 for 2 years so far, guessing it’ll last up to 5 or 6
    • Sunscreen: $30 for the season — sunscreen expires after a year!
    • Threading: $12 per visit

So there you have it, all my crunchy life “beauty secrets” broken down, product by product. Of course, it’s important to remember that everyone’s skin is different, and therefore, what works stellar for me may not yield quite as wondrous results for yourself. However, by listening to your body and caring for yourself holistically, I know you’ll find a routine that works for you too…promoting clear skin without any backlash. Visit my WORK WITH ME page at the top of this screen if you’d like some help… I’d love to be your own personal Paltrow. 😉

XOXO, Sarah

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