Say Hello to Hannah, Cultivate’s New Intern!

Hello Cultivate!

My name is Hannah Bisig and wow, I am so excited to get to know each and every one of you. I know you all have been on the edge of your seat waiting to know who Cultivate’s new intern will be, and here I am!

A little about me:

I graduated from Otterbein University, where I met Sarah (who was my big in our sorority!). After graduating, I moved overseas to Prague, Czech Republic as a missionary helping to start new ministries. In May of 2016, I got very sick and ended up returning home in June. When I got back to the U.S. I was living in a state of constant pain, extreme exhaustion and had little to no feeling in my limbs. I had no energy to be with friends and family. I felt like who I was began to fade away due to this mysterious illness.

I began going from doctor to doctor hoping to find answers and any sort of relief. In September of 2016, I found out that I had Sjogrens, an auto-immune disease. Although, I got an answer, this diagnosis did not explain the cause for my symptoms. This is when I reached out to the beautiful, red-haired bombshell that is Sarah and started my Cultivate journey—I can’t believe it’s been a whole year.

Since starting with Cultivate, I have found out that I have a couple other auto-immune disorders and chronic illnesses (I am awaiting more answers from tests coming in October).

With Sarah, I completely overhauled my diet of Starbucks frappuccinos, pasta and ice cream to a specialized “Eating for Health” diet designed by Sarah. I started on supplements and focused on ME. I prioritized my spiritual life, rest, and life-giving friendships. Let me tell you, this was very difficult. However, I knew I needed to focus on my health to get my life back.

Before this journey,

I felt like I didn’t even have the energy to laugh (laughing is my favorite thing), BUT now I am belly laughing.

Before this journey,

I struggled to walk for 10 minutes without feeling like I needed to pass out or take a nap, BUT now I am running! Yes, I am running!

Before this journey,

I was bed-ridden and had many days where I couldn’t get up in the morning. BUT, now I turn on my “TWERK IT” playlist and dance as I cook my eggs.

I can honestly say I am a different person. I listen to my body—before this whole journey, I didn’t know my body could speak, but now that I’m listening, it seems that it never shuts up.

The joys that pizza used to give me has been replaced by SWEET POTATOES. I know some people are probably rolling their eyes at me right now, but I truly believe that sweet potatoes are God’s gift to this earth.

Anyways, this journey has not been easy, but it has been filled with little victories.

In November, I celebrated because

for the first time I remembered where I put my car keys. It seems small, but my mind was so foggy, I could never remember where I misplaced things.

In December, I celebrated because

I could get ready in the morning and not need to go back to bed after. (No lie, I used to get ready in the morning and need at least a 30 minute nap afterwards because it exhausted me so much).

In February, I celebrated because

my pain was lessening and I was starting to gain feeling back in my limbs.

In April, I celebrated because

I could start to work out again. First yoga, where I would have to spend a significant time in child’s pose because POTS. But then onto walking and onto running.

In May, I celebrated because

your girl was looking FINE in pictures. The health journey that I was celebrating internally was showing up externally—with glowing skin and dropping 4 pant sizes.

This summer, I celebrated because

I was soaking in the beautiful warmth of the sun (last summer, I spent most of my days inside in bed because I was so tired or in too much pain).

Anyways, the list of victories goes on and on. And clearly you can tell that I love to celebrate. But I would be lying to say that this whole journey was filled with celebration. I had many calls with Sarah and family as well as prayers that were filled with tears and anger and pain. My relationship with God (the most important part of my life), I began to question—wondering if God was truly good, if He really cared about my hopes and dreams. I’ve been frustrated and confused—feeling in a way that my life has been taken from me by sickness.

Hopes as an Intern:

All that to say, as I intern, I deeply hope that I can connect with you women. I hope to be with you and encourage you through the days that you want to give up. And I want to celebrate and dance with you as you get your life back! I want to be with you as you CULTIVATE a life of healing, self-love and confidence. I am truly just your average girl who thought she lost her dreams, relationships and more to illness and through this journey I am getting it all back and more.

I am an open book, so feel free to ask me anything about my health journey, my new favorite chocolate chip recipe (I’ve got a sweet tooth), or just life in general. Connect with me on Cultivates Instagram or new FB group. Or find me on Insta: @hbizzzy.

XO, Hannah


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