Hi, I’m Sarah, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of
Cultivate:Holistic Living.

I am a big fan of “what ifs” and people living their dreams. I believe good health is a human right, and a healthy planet, a human responsibility. I created Cultivate with the mission to provide you with the seeds needed to grow a holistically healthy life, opening you up to a future spent harvesting your dreams, all while making our world a healthier place to live in the process.

My personal journey with Holistic Living began after a decade-long struggle living with chronic illness and cancer.

As a result of the physical limitations brought on by my illnesses during adolescence, I struggled to keep my dreams and passion for life alive. It wasn’t that I didn’t have hope for a brighter future, I did. In fact, I dreamed about a life untouched by illness each and every day, and poured my energy into achieving it.

However, year after year, my hope and determination failed to reap the outcomes I desired, and after awhile, accepting defeat started to feel like my only option. Thankfully, dreams of completing college and graduate school inspired me to hold onto hope a little longer, and hope prevailed. It wasn’t long before I discovered the holistic approach to nutrition and began cultivating the health I always desired.

A few years after cultivating the healthy life I enjoy today, I redirected the energy I previously spent healing toward creating Cultivate.

My passion for Chronic Illness Relief Coaching stems directly from my personal experience with illness, as I intimately understand the unique struggles attached to a chronic illness diagnosis, as well as the growing number of men, women, and children affected by these struggles each and every year.

Since beginning in January of 2016, my career as a Holistic Nutritionist and Chronic Illness Relief Coach has provided me with countless opportunities to walk alongside determined individuals hoping for a better life. Providing these men, women, and families with the education, resources, and personalized support they need to successfully establish the health they desire is by far the greatest gift my new health has provided me.

For a more detailed look into my journey recovering from chronic illness & cancer, check out Cultivate’s free Guide to Chronic Illness Relief.

If you are struggling today, keep holding on to hope. Living with illness is incredibly hard, but relief is possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.