If a chronic health issue or degenerative disease is holding you back from living the life you desire, look no further.

Thankfully the importance of cultivating healthy habits when working to gain relief from chronic illness and degenerative disease is finally receiving the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, due to an influx in the (often contradictory) information available on how to do this, deciding which healthy habits to adopt can feel overwhelming.

Cultivate: Holistic Living exists because I believe it’s important to rise above popular lifestyle trends and instead focus our energies upon adopting health habits rooted in high-integrity, evidence-based research. Through careful adherence to the published literature connecting chronic illness and degenerative disease pathogenesis to specific lifestyle and environmental factors, Cultivate helps individuals build personalized lifestyle plans designed to promote the optimal functioning of their bodies in a comfortable and honorable manner.

Cultivate’s coaching protocols are rooted in evidence-based research studies, and when implemented, their effects are nothing short of life-changing.

When approached correctly, holistic living dramatically changes lives. It’s changed mine, those of my clients, and I believe it will change yours as well. Don’t put your dreams on hold any longer. Cultivating the healthy life you desire can be achieved, and you can start now.

Enroll in the Cultivated Life Program and Begin Transforming Your Health Now.

The Cultivated Life Program is a specialized 12 week journey created to move you from a place of illness into a place of wellness through fun, simple, and effective lifestyle strategies. I understand how intimidating cultivating a healthy lifestyle can feel—for a long time I never believed I could do it—and as a result of my own experience, I designed this program to be different.

Success with the Cultivated Life Program is not dependent upon the level of personal restriction or “perfection” you’re able to reach, but rather, upon the level of understanding and love you’re able to cultivate for your body and spirit. 

As you move through each of the 12 weeks, not only will you gain an understanding of which habits make a lifestyle truly “healthy”, but you will also be coached through the implementation process, helping you adopt these habits with ease. Overall, by the end of the program you will be well on your way to cultivating the good health you desire, without denying yourself life’s simple pleasures.

After all, there’s nothing shameful about loving ice cream, hating green juice, being a size __, or preferring relaxing strolls over high intensity work outs. This journey is not about fitting you into a pre-conceived “healthy-human” mold, but rather, about deeply connecting you to your body, discovering it’s needs, and fulfilling them in a way that’s comfortable for you.

Once you’re deeply connected with your body and armed with the resources needed to truly take care of it, I believe living a healthy lifestyle will become something you simply love doing—not something you feel pressured to maintain.

Meet Cultivate’s Nationally Recognized Holistic Nutrition Counselor, Sarah

At Cultivate, we start with food, but we don’t stop there. As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I deeply understand the therapeutic value of food. However, having received my undergraduate degree in psychology, I also understand the therapeutic properties of other lifestyle habits, such as sleep, mindfulness, and positive thinking. Overall, I believe the cultivation of true, sustainable health depends upon all aspects of one’s lifestyle working together in unison, not the mastery of one isolated element.

Coaching with Cultivate isn’t just about changing your diet, it’s about changing your life. Check out Sarah’s credentials below:

  • Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant | Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and the Culinary Arts | Berkley, CA
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology | Otterbein University | Westerville, OH
  • Functional Nutrition Digestive Health Specialist | The Replenish PDX Holistic Nutrition Lab | Portland, OR
  • Associate of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) | Sacramento, California
  • Nationally Recognized Holistic Nutritionist, awarded by the NANP for obtaining success and distinction in the field of Holistic Healthcare.

Wondering if Cultivate is right for you?
Discover what other Cultivators are saying. 

Sumaiya, Adelaide, AUS

“When I reached out to Sarah in the spring I had just received my diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and was experiencing countless negative symptoms such as hair loss, weight gain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, lethargy…the list goes on. Moving forward, I knew I needed guidance from someone who understood what I was going through. That is when I came across Sarah’s Instagram profile and instantly knew that she was the girl I HAD TO get in touch with.
While working together, Sarah helped me understand the value of proper nutrition and what it means to eat healthy! Now I am more aware of what goes into my body than ever before! Basically Sarah helped me eat my way back to health! …and she took measures to understand exactly how my body works in order to make sure whatever solutions were recommended to me were best suited for me. Overall, after only a few weeks of working together, I have gained tons of energy; my antibodies have returned to low levels; I’ve lost weight; and I generally feel healthier on a mind, body, and soul level.
Overall, this experience was worth every penny. I love that I don’t have to say bye bye to all the ‘forbidden foods’ and can indulge once in awhile. Sarah is all about balance and that’s exactly what life is about! With her you can live it. Throughout her coaching program, I never felt alone, even though Sarah and I are million miles apart! She is so easy to talk to and is ready to give advice at all times, PLUS she is prompt. All in all, Sarah is such a positive light who has overcome a magnitude of things… Simply knowing this about her eased my mind, and often times when I felt like I would not overcome this myself, her story kept me going; allowing me to feel safe no matter what my body threw my way. Today I am much more positive and happier knowing I have a say in what comes next. I know I wont live the rest of my life feeling sick, but rather I’ll enjoy living life as the best and healthiest version of myself.”

Hannah, Illinois

“Upon returning home after living overseas, I found myself in a state of perpetual exhaustion (to the point that I could not get out of bed), with regular bouts of chronic pain, intense brain fog, little to no feeling in my limbs, and more…
According to my doctors, I had developed an autoimmune disorder and perhaps even picked up an infection while abroad. Hoping to be offered a solution, I felt so defeated when doctor after doctor informed me there was nothing I could do to heal. Worse yet, these doctors also suggested I learn to live in my ill state and prepare for a future met with continued disease progression and perhaps even cancer—a prognosis which felt a lot like a death sentence.
There are really no words to fully explain how Sarah beautifully stepped into my life at this time. She listened to me, spoke hope into my health and life, and worked hard to help me regain who I am! Through working with Sarah, I’ve noticed parts of me I thought were gone resurface—like my laugh and sense of humor. Additionally, I find I’m following conversations again, remembering things, completing a full day’s work, and even exercising.
Overall, I have felt so deeply cared for and known through this experience, which is a breath of fresh air after experiencing the isolating nature of chronic illness. I also feel this experience and my struggle with illness has allowed me to step into a fuller life than I ever could have imagined for myself. I truly believe Sarah was a God-given gift to help me navigate this difficult path, and today, after spending so much time cursing this season of life, when I look ahead to my future, it looks so bright and full of life!”

Mikki, Michigan 

“Before meeting Sarah, I was out of hope. I had seen so many doctors and none of them had any idea what was causing my health issues or found ways to help me feel better. As a result, I spent my days lying in bed, feeling a lot of pain—especially after eating—and running to the bathroom multiple times (often up to 10 times a day). I thought this reality was going to be my life forever. I was sad and out of hope.
I enrolled in Cultivate’s coaching program hoping to gain relief from my autoimmune condition, adrenal fatigue, panic attacks, and GI issues. Today, I am finishing up with the program and am happy to report I no longer experience gut pain, heartburn, or diarrhea. I am also much less dependent on medication now and find I handle stress much better with WAY less panic attacks. As a result, I have also lost weight and am once again enjoying many of the activities I love (after 2+ years of being unable to attempt them).
Working with Sarah was different from working with other healthcare practitioners because she listened to me and understood my issues and where they were rooted. Her approach was clear and confident, which made the protocols she coached me through simple to understand and apply. Her knowledge, willingness to answer my questions, and the fact that her program really worked made my experience with Cultivate invaluable, life saving, and life changing. Today I feel like I actually have a life again, and just a few weeks ago I was convinced I was out of options. My hope has been restored.”

Bob and Karen, Ohio

“In comparison to the other health professionals we’ve worked with in the past, Sarah was different from minute one. Her personality is amazing for this learning experience and she quickly proved she was invested in us and our journey. She spent time understanding our health problems, our eating problems, our physical problems and our spiritual side. She knew she needed to know us before she could develop a specific program for us, and the program she created was not boiler-plate… If she had to tweak it for some reason, she did…because she cared for us and our outcome.
Through Sarah’s guidance and her program for us, we have completely changed to a different lifestyle!  We eat cleanly (and love it!), exercise and are working toward meditation goals.  The experience has been eye opening and a glorious journey to wellness! We made a monetary investment with Sarah to start off…and we quickly saw it was well worth every cent. We are new people! We look forward to continually engaging in this holistic plan of wellness throughout our lifetime. We have found strength also…we resist the temptation of falling back into old habits. We are so proud of ourselves!!! This has become a journey for a new Bob and Karen!”

Rebekah, West Virginia 

“Before being referred to Cultivate by a friend who had previously worked with Sarah, I had little hope I’d ever solve my severe IBS issues. At the time, I was missing out on a lot of fun college experiences due to my health issues, and was even considering turning down a dream internship opportunity I was offered across the country.
However, upon working with Sarah, life began changing quickly, and I was able to pursue my passion for wildlife rehabilitation this summer after all! Overall, I successfully spent over twelve weeks away from home—including two full-on, car-traveling weeks—without any issues. In the past, I could not even enjoy vacations due to how terribly my body traveled and transitioned to new environments.
Moving forward into my future, I cannot wait to sit in class without being distracted by nagging digestive symptoms. I’m also looking forward to enjoying more social outings, rather than regularly canceling these plans last minute due to immobilizing flare-ups. Most of all, I’m excited to start traveling more and enjoying the activities I know keep me inspired and engaged in life, such as hiking, birding, swimming, and dancing.
I am confident in my future because Sarah did not act as other health professionals in my past have acted, telling me what to do and leaving me out on my own with some pill that’s supposed to fix it all. Instead, Sarah really got to know me and quickly became a part of my life. Then she mindfully crafted a holistic lifestyle plan suited for me and the personal life challenges I face. During our weekly calls, she helped me single out several dietary factors that flare up my conditions, and continued to go the extra mile by giving me plenty of recipes and grocery lists to help me avoid this things while also fitting my personal tastes and living situation.
As a result of completing Cultivate’s program, I now understand how to identify changes in my body and draw connections about what might be causing these changes—good or bad. I also feel much more educated on what I should and shouldn’t put into my body, as well as how to rebalance my body when I put something in that flares me up.
Overall, I spent the past 12 weeks with Sarah learning life skills and knowledge that I will apply for the rest of my life. I am seriously going to miss our weekly calls, as Sarah is not just a ‘my dietician’, she has become a good friend to me!”

Emily, Ohio

“Sarah takes sincere interest and concern for your spiritual, emotional, and physical state, and meets you where you are without judgement. She is determined to build a plan that is tailor-made for you so you can start feeling how you want to feel. I have dealt with multiple health issues over the past couple years, gone to numerous doctors and specialists, taken a slew of medications, and the only thing that my body has responded positively to was the plan Sarah suggested for me along with her encouragement and support. Nutrition plays an absolutely CRUCIAL part in why your body does what it does, but Sarah recognizes that there’s more to health than just the physical. Knowing this, she tends to your mind and soul as well, and THAT is what sets Sarah apart from other coaches. I’m so thankful for Sarah’s guidance in FINALLY getting me pointed towards healing, and I recommend her services to everyone willing to listen.”

Liz, Ohio

“I loved my coaching experience! It encouraged me to try new foods I had never cooked with before, and provided me with great recipes and food staples to work with in the future! Before starting the program, I felt I was not eating to honor or nourish my body… instead I was eating beyond satisfaction until I felt sick, often choosing foods that tasted great, but made me sick afterward or which were just not nourishing to me in any way. I have come a long way since starting, adopting many new healthy habits! I even feel lighter and my clothes fit better! Sarah has been so thoughtful and encouraging throughout this process, giving me excellent advice to cope with my sugar withdrawals and unstable blood sugar. Thank you Sarah!”

Kathryn, Ohio

“My personal goals were to have a better understanding of proper nutrition and increased knowledge of how to use different ingredients and supplements. Wow – did my expectations far exceed this!! I truly learned to respect my body and listen to what it needs versus what I think it wants.  The first two weeks of were rough, and looking back I see how poorly I had been treating my body. By eliminating certain food groups, my body went through withdrawals! That was definitely an eye opening experience for me–realizing I was so dependent on these things. I also enjoyed having a meal plan provided for me as it allowed me to stick to exactly what was recommended for me. I believe I would have had a much harder time in the beginning if I was making decisions on my own with more variety and options. The biggest takeaway from this experience is being more aware of my body and the food that I am putting in it. I take more time for meal preparation and try to use a variety of healthy ingredients. I would absolutely recommend Cultivate to others!”

Katie, Ohio

“Everything I had hoped for and so much more. I was excited and eager to learn about clean eating and all the benefits it provided for my body. Sarah is so extremely knowledgeable and approachable about this topic that I felt supported the entire time. The recipes and meal plan were so essential. I get overwhelmed with just a list of foods that are healthy to eat where I have to make my own recipe, so the fact that the recipes were provided and the meal plan told me what to eat each day was such a key factor to my success. While the education was amazing and my body felt great, Sarah’s business really goes beyond the physical and challenges you emotionally. Never have I felt so in tune with my body and mentally rejuvenated than now. Therefore, working with Cultivate: Holistic Living provided me with so much more than just an education, but it allowed me to thrive inside and out. I would without a doubt recommend these services to anyone who feels they need to reconnect with their body and soul.”

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